Dance is the enigmatic emotion.

26th September 2013

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Dubstep Cat

Music is SWAGG by sssShawnnnn on  YouTube.

Awesome music… because it’s metal dubstep…

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30th July 2013

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The Difference Between Real Sex and Porn Sex

I will never look at Nutella the same way again.

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20th October 2012

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I suggest everyone to watch this…

Watch it to the very end.

Don’t make assumptions until the very end.

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28th February 2012

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For all of my gay rights friends (because I don’t know what the right acronym is…).

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10th October 2011

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This is the most beautiful thing my soul has ever seen.

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8th October 2011

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“The Wolves” - Fantasy Bellydance - Neon with Angelys & Jenna Rey (by StudioEast)

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7th October 2011

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4th October 2011

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Beats Antique - Revival (Official Music Video)

Let me emphasize that I love. Love. LOVE. Beats Antique. Stumbled across them a while ago and simply fell in love. They combine many different musical styles and elements, both ancient and modern, synthesizing them into an intense and delightfully synergistic musical experience. I am happy to promote their work in any way that I can, and while I know this amazing video has been posted plenty already, maybe this extra hit will bring a few more future fans their way.

So if you don’t know who they are or what they do… I encourage you to check this video out. It’s truly an artistic gem. And if you like this, look them up. They offer plenty of free music sample downloads. It’s well worth your time… for the art and the music. Many kudos to the group, to everyone involved with their productions, and to the artist Leighton Kelly, who provided the delightfully bold illustrative art for this video. Much respect.

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30th September 2011

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Rachel Brice at TribalFest 8

She is my Tribal Fusion belly dance inspiration! Sooooo flexible, so strong, and what a dancing style. *drooooolz*

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28th September 2011

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Estamos aprendiendo una coreografía de danza árabe con poi. Nos divertimos mucho a pesar de que los pelotazos están a la orden, en lo que desarrollamos la habilidad.

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22nd September 2011

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Otro video que me gusta, sin tener que ser los grandes movimientos.

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29th August 2011

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If you EVER watch anything, watch this! Rachel Brice is amazing! 

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29th August 2011

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Alla Kushnir Professional Belly Dancer…

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11th August 2011

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We’ve made an amazing choreography using the veil in class with this song.

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