TL;DR: Tribal Dance Camp is in danger of being cancelled TONIGHT. This Southern Texas retreat features a top name that no dancer should go without hearing. Space is limited to 50 people, but there is PLENTY of room to register! And please, don’t think that someone else will fill the space for you because they will probably think the same thing! Pictures on bottom.

Not a lot of people have signed up for TRAMP.

There is still plenty of space for filling!

TRAMP is the Southern Texas tribal belly dance event that I will advocate for life! There are over 20 hours of teacher instruction, free meals, free bunking, plenty of space to roam and feel free and fresh, ACTUAL INDOOR PLUMBING CONNECTED TO YOUR CABIN (which is nicely climate controlled for cold nights!), and PLENTY of time to get to know the headliners!

So what makes this event different than other workshop events?

Well, for starters this is a weekend intensive! While the learning may be fast paced for the three days you get the headliner, every class is three hours! NINE FULL HOURS of leading teacher expertise just for you! That’s an equivalent of six to nine class days!

On top of all of that, there are times between classes to get to know other students, teachers, and even sit down and talk for a few hours with the head liner! Or you can always go jump in the river for a refreshing dip after a hard workshop session!

So what else is there?

You get to have a bunk! There’s no fighting over beds, no fighting over bathroom rights, and definitely no fighting over hot water! Each cabin has indoor plumbing, hot water, showers, working toilets, working sinks, working lights, and even heaters for when the nights get cold (But this is Texas in April, so usually we don’t have to turn on the heaters). There are even fans for when things get a little too hot for yourself, and if you can’t seem to beat the heat, the shower is just around the corner to help cool you off! While the bunks make it seem like a summer time camp (which it is), they will always feel like heaven after that first workshop day.

There are three meals a day! Each entree has veggie or carni (hehe…) options so no one gets left out! There is tea and water served every day with a coke machine out by the gym if you want something sweet (but, boo, you have to pay for it!). You can also bring your own drinks whether they are liquor or not and have such a hayday down by the river at night!!! Oh the wildest parties drunk belly dancers throw… Usually you can hear them all the way to the cabins and the place is about 1/8th of a mile from them… Well… I don’t know how far, but it takes a few minutes to walk over there.

So who’s all coming to this event? Who’s the headliner?

This year we have:

Victoria Whitecotton with a lecture about the Middle East and its history.

Z-Helen for belly rolls and to teach us her VERY IMPRESSIVE coin rolling trick. If you haven’t seen her roll coins, you need to.

Michelle Manx will be doing her signature pin up belly dance style! AND she’ll be teaching us how to do pin up hair styles!

Theresa Wyatt will be showing us new Black Sheep Belly Dance SGI movements.

Angela Sparks will start off the day with yoga classes!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, we have JILL PARKER as the headliner! Wooooooooooooo!!!

So here’s the deal guys: This place is great. It has connected me to others, professionally and personal, in a great bond all over the US. Even though it’s an intensive it also feels like a vacation. The end date for early bird pricing and early deposit plans ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, CENTRAL TIME. Every time TRAMP is mentioned in this post, it is linked to the registration page. The deposit plan is 150 for a spot, then you can pay the rest by 3/20. I plan on paying for the rest during income tax time!

I hope that you all can make it out! Please don’t hesitate to sign up!

Pictures below of the camp!

Cabins Pre-Belly Dancer

Cabins Post-Belly Dancer

Bathrooms (toilets on the left, showers on the right)

Ms YET painting trees behind the pavilion (AKA Drunk belly dance party place)

The Guadalupe River

Where the party starts and sometimes ends.

Michelle painting her shirt on the first night! This place is where the classes are held.

Shy, me, and Amy Sigil from 2012 in the cafeteria!

Ashley Lopez and Michelle from 2012 in the cafeteria! I had to get pictures, it was the last time I was going to see them for a while.

So… If you live in the Texas state (heck, anywhere really), you MUST go to Tribal Dance Camp, lovingly called TRAMP.


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Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

I can’t wait! It’s almost here! I can’t wait!

I get to go to Ingram!

I get to see Michelle Manx and Bahaia and Amy Sigil and the StormTroupers and friends!!!!!!!

I get to see Ashley Lopez and Z-Helene and Ms Gitane Marie!!!

I get to bunk in a bunk bed and get up at eight in the morning to eat breakfast and then practice with Amy two hours later!!!!