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31st July 2012

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Need some quick help from my belly dance sisters!!!

So… I have never had anyone younger than 12 in my class…

Today, I have a six year old!!!

What is the best approach to teaching someone so young?

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  1. little-red-writing-lez answered: Well, I saw use lots of patience, of course. Is she looks like she needs help, ask her. Have faith in her like any other of your students.!
  2. vabiddulph said: Ohh. That is tough. Give tons of encouragement. Positive critique. Make it even more fun than normal!
  3. terranovajenya answered: Teach posture, do “follow the leader” with simple moves while walking around in a circle, and let them play with veils. They love veils! :)
  4. mrsulutakeusout answered: My niece is 6, she doesn’t have classes, but watches mine. Loves accessories (wings, veils) and improvisation. Hates long explanations.
  5. yuliyahberlin answered: Try to explain movements via images. Make some associations up. Think of games or improvisational tasks. Children love that!
  6. summerroseable answered: ehhhh tbh all the teachers in my aera only take 15 and up and bellydance is an art of seduction so i might be best not teach her its up to u
  7. minabellydance answered: I wouldn’t worry too much. I think just being clear with your movements and vocabulary, and it’ll be good!
  8. bellydanceraks answered: My teacher actually created a separate class for children, because it’s true - very young dancers need lots of attention and time.
  9. trixlestrange answered: I really am no expert, but they will really only be able to absorb so much info :/
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  11. temporalgabby answered: kinda hanging in this post because my 6 year-old cousins want to belly dance too!
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